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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is a Stage 1 injector?

A. Stage 1 signifies that the injectors have undergone the first level of performance modifications. This level provides fuel delivery 25% over stock and can support applications up to 750 horsepower.

Q. Will Torque Diesel Motorsports build my injectors?

A. We would be happy to build your injectors for you. However, depending on the age and condition of your injectors, the cost for us to do so may be significantly more expensive. We have developed an extremely efficient advanced manufacturing process that allows us to produce the highest quality injectors available today while maintaining an affordable cost to our customers.

Q. How does the Torque Diesel Motorsports injector achieve its horsepower gain?

A. We have years of experience building premium quality stock injectors. Utilizing the knowledge from this experience, a selection of premium components, and proprietary internal modifications, we have designed what we believe is the ultimate performance injector.

Q. How do I return my cores?

A. Torque Diesel Motorsports works with a select group of dealers across the country, please contact the dealer you purchased the injectors from for complete core return information.

Q. Does Torque Diesel Motorsports have a warranty?

A. Yes, Torque Diesel Motorsports injectors are backed by a 90 Day R&R labor warranty as well as a 15 month unlimited mile warranty.

Q. Do I need to replace the inlet tubes?

A. Torque Diesel Motorsports STRONGLY recommends replacing the high pressure inlet connector tubes for Cummins applications. The high pressure connector contains an edge filter to protect the injector from particulates in the fuel stream. Attempting to clean the inlet connector can dislodge particulate matter that may be contained in the edge filter. This particulate matter can then find its way into the injector. THIS WILL CAUSE INJECTOR FAILURE DUE TO CONTAMINATION. Additionally the inlet connector forms a metal to metal seal against the injector inlet. This seal is designed to be a “one-time-use.” Reusing the inlet connector can compromise this seal which will likely cause excessive return and inconsistent rail pressure. DO NOT USE YOUR NEW INJECTORS AS FUEL FILTERS. Any evidence of contamination will void all warranties.

Q. How do I submit a warranty claim?

A. Please contact the dealer you originally purchased your injectors from. Our trusted dealers will be more than happy to assist you with any warranty questions.

Q. Where are Torque Diesel Motorsport injectors built?

A. Our injectors are proudly built in the USA.