Where High Performance meets Higher Standards

How They’re Built

Torque Diesel Motorsports goes through incredible lengths to produce the best performance injectors available in the market today. At Torque Diesel Motorsports our team of highly trained technicians has produced in excess of 50,000 injectors and builds each performance injector by hand. We start by completely disassembling each injector, the injector body then goes through a multi-stage ultrasonic cleaning process and all internal wear parts are discarded. Next, each body undergoes a strict internal inspection before being marked with a laser annealed serial and part number.

Torque Diesel Motorsports currently operates the largest OE authorized clean room in North America where all of our injectors are built under the supervision of our in house engineering team. We have developed a proprietary formulation for the internal adjustments and specifications that allows us to optimize performance not only at full load but throughout the fuel map. Using strict guidelines set forth by the OE manufacturer, we replace every solenoid, valve set, spring, O-ring, control ball, ball sleeve, thrust piece, and shims with new genuine Bosch parts. In order to ensure long lasting quality and reliability, Torque Diesel Motorsports exclusively uses 100% new OE nozzles featuring the latest DGV (double guided valve) design.

Torque Diesel Motorsports tests and calibrates all of our injectors exclusively on a OE – EPS 815 Common Rail test stand. Each injector is tested through the full operating pressure range following the fuel maps provided by the original equipment manufacturer to ensure reliable performance. Our testing also includes the proprietary shot to shot measurement at a minimum of five different test points. Shot to shot testing measures the output of each injection event during the testing sequence to ensure superior performance and repeatability. the OE team annually re-calibrates and re-certifies each of our three common rail test stands to ensure both the accuracy and consistency of our results. It is our combination of internal adjustments, exclusive use of new original equipment parts, and advanced manufacturing processes that allows us to provide an unmatched level of quality and performance.